Aerial Photography: Intricacies of the Scenic Stills

Aerial photography is an aerial image or photograph taken by a drone, helicopter, balloon, airplane, or other aerial vehicles. It can be used to show aerial views of objects and places far away from the photographer. Aerial photography has many intricacies that make it different from any other type of photography. By reading this article, you will learn what aerial imagery is and how it differs from traditional photography, as well as some characteristics that are specific to aerial photos.

What Equipment Do You Need?

Unlike traditional photography, aerial photography doesn’t require any special equipment. You can use a regular digital camera or even your smartphone to take aerial photos. However, if you want to get perfect aerial photos, you’ll need a drone or helicopter. There are also companies that offer aerial services and will take care of all the equipment for you.

How Does Aerial Photography Work?

Aerial photography is a bit different from traditional photography because you’re not shooting from the ground. Instead, you’re shooting from a higher vantage point. This can give you some unique and interesting perspectives that you wouldn’t be able to get with traditional photography. Additionally, aerial photos have a much wider field of view than traditional photos. This is because you’re looking down on objects rather than from the side.

The Drone Era

Aerial images have been around for decades, but aerial photography has just come into its own due to the rise of drones. When you think about aerial photos, chances are that aerial videos also come to mind. The two go hand-in-hand, because aerial imagery is simply another type of video footage. 

Drones and other aircraft can capture both images and video, but aerial photography is just that: a photograph. You can take aerial images using any type of aerial vehicle as long as it has an onboard camera. The availability of drones has increased the prevalence of aerial imagery in recent years because they are so easy to use and relatively inexpensive compared to other types of cameras for aircraft.

Aerial imagery, aerial photos, and aerial video are all interchangeable terms for the same thing. It is simply what you call it when you want to be more specific about what type of aerial photography was created with an aerial vehicle like a drone or helicopter.

Aerial Photography Characteristics

There are several characteristics that differentiate aerial photos from traditional landscape photographs. One of the most obvious is that aerial photos are taken from a much higher vantage point. This elevated perspective can give you a unique view of the world and make objects below look small in comparison.

Aerial photography also has a different aesthetic than traditional photography. The sharpness and clarity of aerial images often give them a more sterile look, which can have a positive or negative effect on viewers depending on your intent.

Aerial images are also more indicative of their location than traditional photos. By looking at aerial imagery you can typically tell what city, town, state, country, and continent the image was taken in because aerial photography captures so many unique geographical details that other types of landscape photography cannot.

Aerial photography is perfect for capturing large, open spaces. Because aerial photos are taken from a high vantage point, they can show a lot of ground in a single frame. This makes them great for photographing landscapes and seascapes.

Aerial Photography Applications

Aerial photography has many practical applications beyond just taking pretty pictures. Some of the most common uses for aerial imagery include:

  • Landscape and real estate photography
  • News reporting
  • Disaster response and relief
  • Military reconnaissance and surveillance
  • Traffic monitoring and management
  • Park planning and management 

In addition to these applications, aerial photography is also becoming increasingly popular in the world of advertising. Large companies are using aerial photography to create unique advertisements that stand out from competitors.

The Bottom Line

Aerial photography is a unique and interesting type of photography that has many practical applications. By understanding the characteristics of aerial photos and understanding how to use aerial imagery, you can create stunning images that are unlike anything you would get with traditional photography. So go out and capture some aerial magic!


What is Geometry of Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography is a type of photography that uses aerial vehicles to capture images from high above the ground. These aerial photos can give you a unique perspective on the world and can be used for many practical applications.

Who Invented Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography has been around in some form since the 1800s when aerial pioneers like Gustave Whitehead and Julius Neubronner used hot air balloons to take aerial photos. Today, aerial imagery is most common because of technological advances that have made it easier than ever for anyone to use aerial vehicles such as drones with cameras attached.

What is Scale of Aerial Photography?

Aerial photography is often used to capture large, open spaces. By taking aerial photos from a high vantage point, photographers can show a lot of ground in a single frame. This makes aerial photos great for photographing landscapes and seascapes.

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